We work with financial advisors to provide tailored and customized portfolios that meet their individual client’s needs and demands.

We work with you and your clients to achieve their investment objectives using our own fully independent investment research and analysis. Because the firm is entirely owned by our professional staff, it is able to maintain a completely independent and objective perspective.

We remain true to our proven investment approach at all times, filtering out short-term excesses and investment fads. Each client receives the personal attention of a Barrantagh partner. As a result, you and your clients can expect:

  • Segregated customized portfolios to meet their unique investment needs.
  • Flexibility for estate planning needs.
  • Compliance and regulatory efficiency.
  • Open communication with Barrantagh’s senior professionals.
  • Consistent investment decisions based on a time-tested value philosophy.
  • Diversified portfolios offering lower long term risk.
  • Low portfolio turnover – reduced trading costs (and, for taxable accounts, greater tax efficiency).
  • Full disclosure with no surprises.





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