We focus on preserving our client’s capital while generating asset growth through the disciplined application of our value-based investment process.

Barrantagh’s institutional clients benefit from tailored segregated portfolios designed to meet their specific investment objectives.

We focus on preserving our clients’ capital while generating asset growth through disciplined application of our value-based fundamental investment philosophy.

Specific mandates we offer to institutional investors include:

  • Canadian, North American and global equity mandates
  • Fixed income mandates
  • Balanced mandates
  • Custom mandates

Building Your Portfolio

Your investment requirements may change over time. The relative appeal of different asset classes also changes. As a result, your asset allocation is dynamic: A Barrantagh partner monitors your mix constantly and may rebalance it as appropriate, always within your agreed upon specifications.

Our team selects the actual securities within your portfolio using our fundamental value-oriented investment approach.

At Barrantagh, we identify these securities by means of in-depth research and analysis conducted by our investment professionals. Our research seeks to uncover good businesses, run by capable management teams, whose shares or bonds are selling at attractive prices. Our team’s deep experience evaluating corporate management teams face-to-face is invaluable in achieving the satisfaction we require.

In addition to selecting sound equity and bond investments, we combine them carefully in your portfolio in order to limit risk. Our equity portfolios generally contain 20 to 40 companies in order to ensure sufficient diversification.

Our fixed income portfolios combine a carefully researched selection of government and corporate bonds. This allows you to benefit from the higher yields on corporate bonds, while controlling the sensitivity of your portfolio to economic and market conditions.

Every security we place in your portfolio has to meet our rigourous criteria and must fit your requirements and preferences.


Barrantagh has constructed and continually encourages a culture of compliance.  We go to great efforts to ensure that we comply with all applicable laws and regulations.  We always place the needs and requirements of the client first, and work diligently to ensure that all clients are treated equally and fairly. Barrantagh is a leader in compliance matters. We have a detailed written policy manual covering all aspects of our operations, and it is provided to every employee and regularly updated.

We track and comply with all clients’ objectives and constraints.  We monitor each constraint when we prepare to make any changes within our clients’ portfolios to ensure that the portfolio will remain compliant after the change or transaction.

We regularly review client objectives and constraints to ensure that there has not been a change in circumstance at the client level.

Reporting and Client Service

At Barrantagh, our investment approach to all mandates centres on in-depth corporate research and analysis conducted by our investment team.

A high level of client service is a hallmark of Barrantagh’s business model. Whether an institution is large or modest, we believe that it should have access to the senior professionals who make the investment decisions for its account.

Consequently, we assign two partners to each client, a lead partner and a secondary partner. Both partners are fully aware of the client’s requirements and the status of the account. We are always available to meet the client.

In addition to personal contact, we provide clients with detailed quarterly reports covering:

  • Asset allocation summary
  • Cost of all securities
  • Current market price
  • Gain or loss on each security
  • Accrued interest on bonds
  • Summary of cash added or withdrawn from account
  • Summary of investment performance by quarter, year-to-date and since inception
  • Performance against major market indices
  • Details of all transactions in the quarter

We can also customize reports to meet specific client needs.

In addition, all of our institutional clients receive our quarterly Commentary.

At Barrantagh, our goal is to gain a complete understanding of each client. In this way, we can tailor the client’s portfolio to exactly meet the investment objectives, and we can provide the service and reporting to meet all business needs as well.





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