Barrantagh is a fundamental, bottom-up, value-oriented investment manager. Our team applies this philosophy to both equities and fixed income investments. The asset mix decision in balanced accounts also reflects our value orientation.

Independent Research

We conduct our own research to uncover sound businesses, run by capable management teams, whose shares or bonds are selling at attractive prices.

The independence of our research ensures that our clients are not simply swept along by the short-term views of Bay Street or Wall Street. Critical aspects of our research include a focus on cash flow, and an in-depth assessment of corporate management.

Focus on Cash Flow

In our view, cash flow is the most critical financial measure compared to earnings and other metrics. Our team analyzes a company’s cash flow, and uses cash-flow-centric techniques to determine the company’s intrinsic value and its ability to meet its debt obligations.

Management Assessment

Our team’s deep experience evaluating corporate management teams face-to-face is also invaluable in achieving the satisfaction we require. We assess management from several perspectives including their operating ability, their financial ability, and their ability to guide their business through adverse times. In addition, our team evaluates the company’s accounting practices, placing great importance on conservatism and transparency.

Sound Business Opportunity

Finally, Barrantagh’s portfolio managers must be satisfied that there are fundamental business reasons to expect the particular investment to meet our return expectations. The simple fact that a company’s shares or bonds seem “cheap” is not sufficient reason to own them.

Portfolio Construction

In addition to selecting sound equity and bond investments, our team combines them into carefully constructed portfolios designed to deliver returns at the appropriate level of risk.

Equity portfolios generally contain 20 to 40 companies in order to ensure sufficient diversification.

Fixed income portfolios combine a carefully researched selection of government and corporate bonds. Our clients thereby benefit from the higher yields on corporate bonds, while their exposure to economic and market conditions is controlled.

Balanced portfolios meet client objectives through a combination of equity and fixed income securities whose mix reflects the client’s risk tolerance and investment policy, and our view of the relative values across asset classes.

As every portfolio is customized, we are also able to accommodate particular portfolio constraints a client may have.

Investment Mandates Offered

Many of our clients use the full range of our expertise by retaining us to manage balanced portfolios. We also manage single asset class portfolios and specialty portfolios for those clients who prefer this approach. The full list of portfolio mandates we offer includes:


Barrantagh’s investment approach relies strongly on interaction among all members of the investment team. Each portfolio manager brings unique experience and insight to the overall assessment of each investment opportunity. Cross-fertilization of ideas adds great value to our clients’ portfolios. Our dynamic team’s cohesive interplay is an essential ingredient of our clients’ success.




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