Our client’s financial security is either fully established or firmly within their grasp. We focus intensely on protecting and growing what they have earned.

You have worked hard to achieve your financial security. We work hard to preserve what you have earned while growing your capital to meet your current and future financial needs.

Many investment firms tend to channel their clients into predetermined investment products. At Barrantagh, we firmly believe that one size does not fit all. We understand that every client comes to us with different goals and needs, so at Barrantagh every portfolio is different. That’s part of what sets us apart.

We work with you to customize a portfolio that will meet your personal investment needs and objectives.

To meet your needs, we first meet with you to create your personal client profile. Based on your profile, we build your investment portfolio using our value-oriented investment approach to control risk. We keep you informed throughout the process. Detailed statements and newsletters supplement our personal communication with you.

We also recognize that people want to be close to their money, and to the people who manage their money. At all times, you have complete access to our highly experienced investment team.

We provide our private client services to individuals and families with at least $1 million in assets available for investment. The separate accounts of various family members may be grouped together for the purpose of meeting this minimum.

Personal Profile

At Barrantagh, our first critical step is working with you to develop a client profile. During this comprehensive process, we seek to understand and agree on several factors:

  • Your current situation, including:
    • Financial position
    • Stage in life
    • Family obligations
    • Income needs
  • Your goals:
    • Expectations
    • Feasibility
  • Your tolerance for risk:
    • Preservation of capital
    • Capital appreciation
    • A combination of the two
  • Additional issues or constraints, such as:
    • Tax considerations
    • Estate and succession planning issues
    • Legal constraints
    • Investment time horizon
    • Other personal considerations

We will monitor your profile with you on a regular basis.

Building Your Portfolio

Once we have developed your personal client profile, our team is able to construct a portfolio to meet your needs.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is the process of determining the most appropriate mix of stocks, bonds and other securities for your portfolio.

To do this, we combine your investment goals, income needs, time horizon and risk tolerance with our view of the relative attractiveness of the different asset classes.

Your investment requirements may change over time. The relative appeal of different asset classes also changes. As a result, your asset allocation is dynamic: A Barrantagh partner monitors your mix constantly and may rebalance it as appropriate, always within your agreed-upon specifications.

Security Selection

Our team selects the actual securities within your portfolio using our fundamental value-oriented investment approach.

At Barrantagh, we identify these securities by means of in-depth research and analysis conducted by our investment professionals. Our research seeks to uncover good businesses, run by capable management teams, whose shares or bonds are selling at attractive prices. Our team’s deep experience evaluating corporate management teams face-to-face is invaluable in achieving the satisfaction we require.

In addition to selecting sound equity and bond investments, we combine them carefully in your portfolio in order to limit risk. Our equity portfolios generally contain 20 to 40 companies in order to ensure sufficient diversification.

Our fixed income portfolios combine a carefully researched selection of government and corporate bonds. This allows you to benefit from the higher yields on corporate bonds, while controlling the sensitivity of your portfolio to economic and market conditions.

Every security we place in your portfolio has to meet our rigourous criteria and must fit your requirements and preferences.

Controlling Risk

A critical component of our investment process is the way in which we control risk within your portfolio.

We use four levels of risk control to make sure that you can be completely comfortable with your portfolio.

Level 1 — Asset Allocation

Our team ensures that your mix of stocks, bonds and other securities matches your investment goals, income needs, time horizon and risk tolerance.

Level 2 — Security Selection

All securities we place in your portfolio must meet our rigourous criteria and must fit your requirements and preferences.

Our value-based equity approach provides long-term capital growth with downside protection by building in a “margin of safety” in every company we buy for you.

Our fixed income approach is focused on preserving your capital while enhancing yield through a judicious combination of government and corporate bonds.

Through our security selection process, we ensure the quality of every security in your portfolio.

Level 3 — Diversification

Our team makes sure that your “eggs” are not all in one basket by ensuring that your portfolio is spread across different companies, industries and countries.

At the same time, we make sure your portfolio is not too diversified, so that you get the maximum benefit from our research.

Level 4 — Independent Research

Every security we place in your portfolio has to pass through our rigourous research process. The Barrantagh investment team conducts all of our own research in order to maintain the highest quality standards. We use multiple sources, both Canadian and international, to ensure reliability.

As a vital part of our research process, we interview the management teams of the companies we examine. One of the strengths of our investment team is our ability to access corporate boardrooms, to ask tough questions and assess management face-to-face. We also interview the company’s customers, competitors and suppliers to get a 360o picture of the company.

After we piece together our research findings, we use our own assessment of the company and the security, not “The Street’s.” Our intense team research is the underpinning of your portfolio and the ultimate way to control your risk level.


To protect you and give you peace of mind, we neither hold nor handle any of your securities or cash. Instead, your assets are held in a segregated account in your name at a custodian.  This account is governed by a separate custodial agreement between you and the chosen custodian.  This means that we are always at arm’s length from your actual assets.  Barrantagh has working relationships with all of the major custodians, and can help you select the most appropriate for your account. Barrantagh does not have a financial interest in the selection of a custodian.

We manage the investment of your accounts under a signed investment management contract with you.  Barrantagh is given the authority to manage the investments at the custodian, and to direct settlement of trades, but does not have access to cash or securities in the account.


Barrantagh has constructed and continually encourages a culture of compliance.  We go to great efforts to ensure that we comply with all applicable laws and regulations.  We always place the needs and requirements of the client first, and work diligently to ensure that all clients are treated equally and fairly. Barrantagh is a leader in compliance matters. We have a detailed written policy manual covering all aspects of our operations, and it is provided to every employee and regularly updated.

We track and comply with all clients’ objectives and constraints.  We monitor each constraint when we prepare to make any changes within our clients’ portfolios to ensure that the portfolio will remain compliant after the change or transaction.

We regularly review client objectives and constraints to ensure that there has not been a change in circumstance at the client level.

Keeping You Informed

We don’t just believe in open, ongoing communication, we practice it. Whether by telephone, e-mail or in a personal meeting, a Managing Director is available to discuss any aspect of your portfolio, and, if necessary, we can customize reporting to meet individual requirements.

You automatically receive:

  • Quarterly statements including:
    • Asset allocation summary
    • Cost of all securities
    • Current market price
    • Gain or loss on each security
    • Accrued interest on bonds
    • Summary of cash added or withdrawn from account
    • Summary of investment performance by quarter, year-to-date, since inception
    • Performance against major market indices
    • Details of all transactions in the quarter
  • Year-end tax reporting information provided by custodian:
    • Summary of interest and dividends received during the year
    • T5 form for interest and dividend reporting
    • Summary of realized capital gains
    • Summary of all investment management and custodial fees





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